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Use SmartPresets from other professional photographers for your own shoots or be inspired by their image editingn styles!

Of course, you can test all SmartPresets before making a purchase and see for yourself how your photos will look in the respective look.

New SmartPreset

WildLove by WildLove & SpicyHearts

Discover the art of visual warmth and harmony with this SmartPreset. The “WildLove SmartPreset” was developed with love to give your photos an irresistible warmth and balanced harmony.

The SmartPreset is like a sunset that dips each image in golden tones, creating an atmosphere that warms the heart. The “WildLove SmartPreset” creates a moody aura, giving your images a timeless and appealing look.

All SmartPresets in the store

Timeless Elegance
by Valentin Geiß

Authentic, filmic hues for your love narratives.

Film Fine-Art Wedding
by Christophe Serrano

Kodak400 Film look – warm highlights –
high contrast – dense bluish blacks

Forma by

Earthy, warm colors and
beautiful skin tones

Forever and Always by
Steffy Sawatzky

Aesthetic wedding look, vivid skin tones, bright white

THO Smart by
Markus Thoma

Moody tones meet classic film look.

Chai by
The Picks

Purist image look with sandy-warm nuanced colors

Contempo by
Kaya & Clark


Kids & Family by
Anne Ehrler


KJ Wedding by
Kathleen John

Bright images, neutral white balance,
and radiant skin tones

Graciosa Sand by
Valentin Geiß

Natural Film Look
warm, earthy, grainy

Wedding by
Daniel Kondratiuk

Bright and natural look
for your wedding pictures

Paris by
Marc Schelwat

Modern look with natural,
warm skin tones

Family & Kita by
Annika Wilzeck

Bright and contrasty
image look for your outdoor shoots

Joyful by
Vanessa Joy

Simple and clean with a
pop of color and contrast.

Concerts by
Kay-Uwe Fischer

Bold look
for concert photos

RealLife by
Marian Kämpfe

Natural rich colors,
based on reality

Shooting by
Daniel Kondratiuk

Bright and natural look for your family and couple shoots

Portrait Outdoor by
Nicole Zausinger

Natural warmth for
children and family shootings

Frank by
Frank Metzemacher

Timeless look with warm beautiful skin tones

Arctic Vibe by

Brilliant artic look with
a cooler temperature

Bright Sunshine by

Summer feelings with pleasant warmth and balanced colors

Cheerful Light by

Harmonious look with balanced exposure and white balance

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Patrick Lipke

Event photographer from Hamburg

"The huge time saving is the biggest advantage for me."

Kathleen John

Wedding photographer from Munich

"My photo editing process runs on its own."

Lili Hofmann

Wedding photographer from Chemnitz

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