Luminous Dream by Neurapix

Dive into the ethereal beauty of the Luminous Dream SmartPreset. Crafted to enhance your photos with a soft, radiant glow, this preset captures the delicate interplay of light and shadows, creating dreamy, atmospheric effects.

Perfect for giving your images a surreal, almost magical quality, Luminous Dream emphasizes subtle hues and smooths out harsh contrasts, making it ideal for portraits and intimate events. The effect is a serene, luminous finish that brings an otherworldly charm to every photo.

Find Luminous Dream in your SmartPreset list immediately after installation, and start giving your photography a touch of whimsy and gentle allure.

399,87 €

*VAT excl.

Included AI Masks

Advanced Retouch & Highlight


Advanced Retouch &
Soft Backdrop

Sample Images with This SmartPreset

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