How to edit 500 images in less than an hour without outsourcing

Take your preset to the next level with artificial intelligence and save 80% of your editing time.

7 benefits from using a SmartPreset

Happier Customers

Hand over the job right after the shoot. Reduce the turnaround time for your images.

Shorter turnaround time

You'll receive all essential Lightroom sliders within an hour and finish the job faster.

Synchronized Images

The images are already edited consistently, so that you can focus on some fine tuning if required.

Familiar Workflow

Apply your Smart Preset directly in Lightroom. A short coffee break and continue as usual.

Total Control

Adjust the slider values to your liking. Work on the RAW as usual.

Continual Improvement

Feed back your adjustments into your AI. Enhance your SmartPreset's intelligence with every shoot.

GDPR Compliant

Your data will be processed on our own servers. Thus, your and your customers' data privacy is protected according to European standards.

Create Your SmartPreset in 3 Simple Steps


Upload at least 6000 consistently edited images (SmartPreviews) using our Lightroom plugin.


We'll train your SmartPreset using your images.


Feed your SmartPreset with your adjustments directly in Lightroom.

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Using Your SmartPreset

0,03€ per image

from 1- 1000 images

0,02€ per image

starting with the 1001st image

  • Free training of your SmartPreset
  • Free updates of your SmartPresets
  • The first 1000 images are for free

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