Fully integrated with Lightroom v9+

Reduce your editing time in Lightroom by 80%

Take your presets to the next level with artificial intelligence and free yourself from hours of editing marathons

3500 +
20 Mio+
100 %

The future of image
editing is just a click away

Because your time is precious

Get a personal image editing assistant who knows your editing style inside out and is available to you 24/7. Unlike ordinary presets, a SmartPreset is based on artificial intelligence. It can learn a wide variety of processing patterns just by looking at your previous edits. This way, the AI can also learn your style and apply it adaptively in Lightroom. Adjustments to different locations and lighting situations are now a thing of the past.

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Optimize your workflow

Shortened processing time

Your SmartPreset generates all essential Lightroom slider values in no time. This way you save 80% of your editing time.

Happier customers

Accelerated processing allows you to quickly share your photos with your customers and generate excitement.

Familiar workflow

Apply your SmartPreset directly in Lightroom. Take a short coffee break while your SmartPreset is working.

Full control

Change the calculated slider values as you wish and simply continue working directly on the RAW.

Steady improvement

Your SmartPreset understands your adjustments and thus learns more precisely how to edit your images with each new event.

World's most advanced onboarding technology

How would you like to start?


Just register here and install our plugin

Already found your editing style?


Simply upload one event (min 500 images) and start using your SmartPreset within 2 hours.

How would you like to start?

You are looking for a quick start with a proven style?

No Training

Use one of your free SmartPresets or buy a well-trained SmartPreset from our top-notch photographers. Find them in the store.


Just select images in Lightroom and let your SmartPreset do the editing.

Get inspired

In our SmartPreset store you will find proven SmartPresets from other top photographers. Get inspired and add the styles to your personal style selection

KJ Wedding by Kathleen John

Forma by Formaphotography

Paris by Marc Schelwat

Simply the best choice

Get started immediately

Maximum speed and simplicity. Benefit from our industry-leading onboarding technology. Create your SmartPreset with just one event (500 images) in just 2 hours.

Seamless integration

Integrate your SmartPreset directly into your usual editing process with our Lightroom plugin and get started right away. Additional software and annoying program changes are unnecessary.

Unbeatably favorable

Pay competitively low prices and only for images that you actually edit. You don’t need a subscription or prepaid packages.

GDPR compliant

Your data is stored on our European servers. This way we can ensure that you and your customers are well protected.

Start your training now and edit the first 1000 images for free!

Start your training now and edit
the first 1000 images for free!

Unbeatably favorable

Our pricing model is unrivaled. What’s more, we completely dispense with subscriptions and mandatory image packages. You only pay for what you actually use.

3 Cent | 2 Cent* / image

up to 1000 images | from 1000 images**

*+any statutory sales tax
**monthly billing period

What your colleagues say

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Tobias Stehle

I got my first wedding back from you yesterday.
7 letters: P E R F E C T
I think you guys are saving my ass this year!
Sure you still have to correct one or two things, but I’m really amazed at how close you guys are to my edit.
I’ll definitely keep at it….

Nicole Lager

This is THE easing of work this year.
For many years I got bogged down with editing my pictures during the season, time for the family or even just for me – not even to think about it.
Now Neurapix takes a lot of the work off my hands and I can finally look forward to the summer again without thinking about how much time I will spend exclusively at the computer again this year.


When I heard about this, I couldn’t believe it at first. It was so easy to create my SmartPreset. Since then, I don’t use anything else to edit my images. It just saves me so much time and I go through the season much less stressed.


I have been using Neurapix since this season and I am simply flashed. Never before have I finished editing my images so quickly. So far, I’ve been able to turn in every gallery before the next shoot. My clients are overjoyed to get their images so quickly. And I have fewer clients to cancel for next year, so I’m really looking forward to that.

Martin Allinger

We have been working with Neurapix for almost 1.5 years. The Smart Presets are simply amazing and have more than HALVED our post-processing time! We are just MEGA happy and can only recommend them to every photographer. The time it saves us can be spent with our daughters and is INCREDIBLE!
The team is always ready to help and tirelessly advances the Smart Presets with further developments. ABSOLUTE RECOMMENDATION!