18. June 2024

World premiere & quality leap: Neurapix introduces individual AI image cropping

World premiere & quality leap: Neurapix introduces individual AI image cropping

Copyright: Formaphotography

Göttingen, 18.06.2024 | Der optionale Zuschnitt bei der Bildbearbeitung mit Neurapix lässt sich ab sofort individuell trainieren und anwenden. Dadurch steigert sich die Qualität der beliebten Funktion noch einmal erheblich. Previously, the artificial intelligence operated based on generic patterns derived from millions of example crops. Neurapix is the first company in the world to offer individualized image cropping with AI.

Users who upload their own cropped images during the creation or refinement of a SmartPreset will automatically receive the individual AI cropping: once 500 of their own crops per image orientation (landscape/portrait) are included in their personal dataset, the upgrade is activated. Users will then receive an automatic email notification.

Initially, the individualized cropping may only be available for one of the two possible image orientations (e.g., landscape). Then, the extension for portrait photos will follow as soon as 500 example images for this orientation have also been uploaded.

The application process remains unchanged: photographers can continue to check the “Crop and rotate images” box during editing with Neurapix and start the editing process. The custom crop will now be applied instead of the generic one. This upgrade applies to all SmartPresets within a Neurapix user account.

“We are proud to be the first company worldwide to offer individualized image cropping, as it provides a crucial advantage: it adapts to the specific preferences of photographers – after all, cropping is part of the individual editing style and a very creative and personal process,” says Neurapix co-founder and CEO Nils Sauder.

Despite the improvement, there is no change in price: optional features like image cropping remain available at no extra cost within the Neurapix Flat rate. In the “Pay-per-Picture” model, optional features – regardless of which and how many are selected – always cost 1 cent per photo.