27. February 2024

New function: Neurapix introduces AI image cropping for photo editing


New function: Neurapix introduces AI image cropping for photo editing

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Goettingen, February 26, 2024 | The German AI company Neurapix has added a new feature to its image editing. Photographers can now optionally select whether they want to have their photos cropped by the Neurapix AI in addition to editing them to save even more time. The feature is free of charge for Flat rate customers. In the Pay-per-Picture model, 1 cent per photo is charged for all optional features including AI cropping.

Over the past few weeks, the Neurapix AI has trained with many millions of images in order to select the best possible crop. It has analyzed how real photographers have cropped their photos in direct comparison to the original motif. The Neurapix AI takes into account numerous common techniques such as the Golden Ratio or Rule of Thirds. In addition, it has found aesthetically pleasing crops that do not follow any fixed rules and can apply them.

A single click is all it takes to use the new AI image cropping. After selecting the photos to be edited, a photographer simply clicks on Edit photos in the Lightroom menu (Library > Plug-in Extras). Before the editing starts, he/she simply checks the box Crop and rotate images in the Optional features section. Straightening is automatically included when cropping. However, the two previous Optional features (None and Rotate images) remain.

The edited and cropped images will be available in short time as usual. Like the entire editing process, cropping can be undone or adjusted manually at any time. “With the new image cropping function, photographers can now save even more time when editing photos with their SmartPreset – and retain full control,” says Simon Diegmann, co-founder and CCO of Neurapix.

Completely revised plug-in for Adobe Lightroom Classic

To use the new image crop, photographers must update to the latest version of the Neurapix plug-in respectively install it via the Adobe Creative Cloud. In addition to cropping, users can look forward to other new features in the fundamentally revised Neurapix plug-in:

  • More support: The “Neurapix Assistant” has been integrated into Lightroom to guide new users (Help > Plug-in Extras > Neurapix Assistant).
  • Clearer menu navigation: All Neurapix options are now listed under Library > Plug-in Extras and re-named more clearly.
  • Fresh design: All dialog boxes have been visually redesigned.

“We have taken the feedback from photographers to heart and improved our user guidance accordingly,” says co-founder and CCO Simon Diegmann. “More support and a better overview – these were our main goals when revising the plug-in.”