Eternal Essence by Neurapix

Experience the timeless beauty of the Eternal Essence SmartPreset. This preset is meticulously designed to refine your photographs with a classic, enduring appeal. It subtly enhances color saturation, sharpens details, and balances lighting to produce images that are both striking and gracefully composed.

Perfect for weddings, portraits, and any event where you want to capture the everlasting charm, Eternal Essence brings out the best in your photos, ensuring they remain as memorable and impactful as the moments they encapsulate.

Available right after installation, Eternal Essence is your key to unlocking photos that speak volumes of beauty preserved across time.

399,87 €

*VAT excl.

Included AI Masks

Advanced Retouch & Highlight


Advanced Retouch &
Soft Backdrop

Sample Images with This SmartPreset

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