Gentle Mist by Neurapix

Immerse your images in the soothing subtlety of the Gentle Mist SmartPreset. This black and white preset softens the visual intensity, creating a smooth, flat look that evokes a sense of peace and simplicity.

By reducing contrasts and softening sharp lines, Gentle Mist transforms your photographs into ethereal monochrome landscapes, capturing scenes and subjects in a haze of tranquility. Ideal for artistic portraits and serene landscapes, this preset is perfect for photographers seeking to convey a gentle, contemplative atmosphere.

Introduce your portfolio to the quiet elegance of Gentle Mist, available in your SmartPreset list right after installation, and explore the poetic potential of muted monochrome imagery.

399,87 €

*VAT excl.

Included AI Masks

Advanced Retouch & Highlight


Advanced Retouch & Soft Backdrop

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