Classic Depths by Neurapix

Transform your images into striking statements with the Classic Depth SmartPreset. This black and white preset accentuates the drama of contrast, highlighting the play between light and shadow to craft visuals with powerful depth and clarity. Each photograph is treated to enhance its textures and contours, creating a bold, timeless look that captures the essence of your subjects with stark elegance.

Perfect for portraits, street photography, and any scene where mood and detail are paramount, Classic Depth brings a new dimension of intensity to your black and white photography.

Discover the power of contrast with Classic Depth in your SmartPreset list right after installation of the plugin, and give your images a classic, compelling narrative quality.

399,87 €

*VAT excl.

Included AI Masks

Advanced Retouch & Highlight


Advanced Retouch &
Soft Backdrop

Sample Images with This SmartPreset

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