21. September 2023

Kickstart: Neurapix further simplifies entry into AI-enhanced photo editing for photographers

Woman photographer working with laptop at the working place with computers in the studio

Kickstart: Neurapix further simplifies entry into AI-enhanced photo editing for photographers

Copyright: Jovanmandic

Goettingen, September 21, 2023 | Starting from October 6th, photographers will get to experience their first AI-edited photo event faster than ever before. Thanks to the new AI training option called “Kickstart”, Neurapix starters will have their fully edited event ready in a matter of minutes – and with just one more click, they can finalize their own SmartPreset.

Typically, it takes around 500 edited photos (one event) to train the Neurapix AI and create an individualized SmartPreset. With “KickstartNeurapix aims to eliminate this potential hurdle for new users, allowing them to be impressed by the consistent and high-quality results of Neurapix AI as quickly as possible. 

To get there is very easy: After installing the Neurapix plugin, the photographer selects all photos from an unedited photo event in Adobe Lightroom Classic and clicks on “Kickstart” via the menu (Library > Plug-in Extras). The Neurapix AI then automatically selects 20 representative images for the event, encompassing a wide range of lighting situations and settings. In the background, all event photos are already being uploaded to the secured Neurapix server. 

The photographer now edits the 20 representative photos in his/her own style and then clicks on “Kickstart” again. After naming their style (the future name of the SmartPreset), the 20 edited images are uploaded. On the Neurapix server, all event photos are then edited in the newly learned style and ready for download in just a few minutes1. After potential manual corrections, the photo event is ready for use. 

Additionally, the photographer has the chance to level up his/her basic SmartPreset to a full-fledged one with a single click. Any adjustments made are then included in the AI training and saved in the SmartPreset. From now on, photographers can harness the full power of Neurapix in their daily workflow without the need for further AI training. 

“Photographers can now enjoy their first AI-edited photo event in their own style even faster,” says Simon Diegmann, founder and CEO of Neurapix. “We want to make it as easy as possible for photographers to access the high-quality editing results in their individual style. That’s why we developed ‘Kickstart’.”

More information on image editing using Neurapix Instant can be found on www.neurapix.com/instant.