21. May 2024

The best AI plugins & tools for Adobe Lightroom in 2024


The best AI plugins & tools for Adobe Lightroom in 2024

Ed Wilson (Guest Author)
Copyright: Neurapix

In the world of photography, Adobe Lightroom remains a vital tool for professionals and hobbyists alike. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into Lightroom through plugins has transformed the post-processing workflow, making it faster, more intuitive, and even more creative. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top AI plugins for Lightroom Classic, focusing on different functionalities for those looking to effortlessly enhance their photos.

Excire Foto offers an advanced photo management solution, using AI to intelligently organize and search through extensive photo libraries. It automatically tags images based on their content, such as identifying people, landscapes, and objects. This not only streamlines the organization of large collections but also enhances the efficiency of searching for specific images. For photographers with sizable libraries, Excire Foto transforms the daunting task of manual sorting into a quick, automated process.

Noise reduction is crucial for enhancing image quality, especially in low-light conditions. Topaz DeNoise AI specializes in removing noise while simultaneously improving the sharpness of an image. This plugin employs deep learning to distinguish between noise and detail effectively, allowing it to reduce noise without smudging important features. It’s a tool for photographers who often shoot in challenging lighting conditions and want to maintain the clarity and quality of their photos.

Boost your Lightroom Classic with AI

Neurapix is an innovative AI plugin tailored for photographers aiming to improve their workflow by letting AI edit their photos. This AI Lightroom plugin uses sophisticated neural networks to analyze a photographer’s editing style and apply it based on the context in which the image was taken. It creates Lightroom AI presets – so called SmartPresets -, excels in adjusting aspects such as exposure, color balance, and sharpness uniquely for each image. Neurapix compared to other AI editing tools is fully integrated in Lightroom Classic which is a huge advantage for many photographers aiming to streamline their workflow.

From the seamless AI editing to creative controls

Luminar AI is designed to simplify photo editing without sacrificing control over the final result. It offers tools powered by AI that can enhance the atmosphere of a photo, suggest creative looks, and even recompose shots for a more impactful result. Its interface allows photographers to apply complex edits, which would typically require extensive manual adjustments, in just a few clicks. Whether it’s adding realistic atmospheric effects with the AI Sky Replacement tool or refining portrait details, Luminar AI helps photographers achieve professional-quality edits faster than ever.

ON1 Resize AI is perfect for photographers who need to enlarge their images without losing detail. Whether preparing large prints or optimizing images for different digital formats, ON1 Resize AI uses AI-powered algorithms to intelligently scale up images while enhancing sharpness and detail. This capability is particularly useful for photographers who perform large format printing or need high-resolution images for exhibitions and portfolios.

The integration of AI into Adobe Lightroom has significantly enhanced the photographic workflow by reducing the time and effort required for post-processing. Each of these AI plugins offers unique capabilities, from the seamless AI editing of Neurapix to the creative controls of Luminar AI and the technical prowess of Topaz DeNoise AI. By choosing the right AI tools, photographers can not only speed up their editing process but also push the boundaries of their creative expression.