31. January 2023

Technology leap: Neurapix artificial intelligence learns individual image editing style in 2 hours with only 500 photos

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Technology leap: Neurapix artificial intelligence learns individual image editing style in 2 hours with only 500 photos

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Gottingen, January 31, 2023 | Photographers can now save even more time when editing images with Neurapix. Thanks to a free automatic upgrade, the artificial intelligence (AI) of the German start-up now “trains” an individual editing style up to 24 times faster. Instead of two days, the unique SmartPreset is now ready for use after just two hours.*

Previously, Neurapix’s AI required around 6,000 photos to “train” an individual editing style. With the upgrade, only 500 already edited images are needed to achieve results of the same quality. For example, wedding photographers only need to upload one edited wedding on average. In addition to the significantly lower effort, the actual “training time” of the AI is also shortened considerably. The upgrade not only reduces the effort required but also significantly shortens the AI training time, making it easier for photographers to try and use AI as an assistant for image editing.

“We talk to photographers regularly to understand how we can best support them. Many have told us that training an AI is still quite time-consuming and the large number of images required is a barrier to entry. That’s why we took a close look at this area, simplified the process and significantly accelerated it”, says Simon Diegmann, co-founder and CEO of Neurapix. “This upgrade gives photographers what they value most: time.”

In mid-January, the Gottingen-based company announced that it can process 600 images per minute using a SmartPreset. With the new upgrade to the AI training, Neurapix makes it as easy as possible for photographers to get started and sets a new technological standard globally.

SmartPreset saves 90% time – Neurapix offers a 1,000 image free trial.

Unlike traditional presets for Adobe Lightroom, a SmartPreset is constantly learning thanks to artificial intelligence. It analyzes past edits to understand individual editing styles and can apply the learned style to future photos using a Lightroom plug-in developed by Neurapix (watch demo video).

This saves photographers about 90% of their editing time while they keep full control. Their own workflow remains virtually unchanged. Neurapix offers its services at very fair prices, most of which are more than 50% below those of competitors. The first 1,000 image edits are always free (test now without obligation).

More information on image processing using artificial intelligence can be found on www.neurapix.com

*average training time, with normal server load