Press release 01/10/2023

600 images per minute: German start-up Neurapix relies on artificial intelligence for photo editing

Goettingen, January 10, 2023 | Neurapix is making life easier for photographers. The start-up from Goettingen in Germany has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) known as the SmartPreset. It learns from previously edited images and is able to apply the individual’s editing style to new photos in Adobe Lightroom at lightning speed. This is particularly beneficial for photographers who frequently shoot large events such as weddings, as it allows for significant time savings (approximately 90%), competitive pricing, and high data security. 

It is worth noting that Neurapix has already achieved significant success in its first year on the market, with over 20 million images edited using artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the company has created and made available over 1,500 individual SmartPresets for photographers, which are being used on a daily basis. Neurapix has also made the integration with Adobe Lightroom seamless through the development of a specialized plugin (see demo video). Importantly, the workflow for photographers remains virtually unchanged, making it easy for them to utilize their own SmartPresets. 

The SmartPreset, as opposed to a traditional static preset for Lightroom, is based on artificial intelligence. This allows the SmartPreset to understand and learn from a photographer’s individual editing style through his/her past edits. As a result, it can consistently apply the learned style to future images in Lightroom, especially in various lighting situations. This capability was previously only achievable through tedious manual slider adjustments. 

 The SmartPreset is able to quickly set all necessary sliders for a specific editing style, resulting in a significant time savings of around 90% for photographers. Despite this automation, photographers still maintain full control over the editing process and have the ability to fine-tune the slider values as needed for their RAW files. Additionally, the SmartPreset regularly analyzes post-processing corrections and continually improves its understanding of how final images should appear. 


Fair pricing model 

Neurapix offers its services at competitive prices, many of which are more than 50% lower than those of its competitors. There are no fixed costs for photographers; they only pay for the photos that they have edited. The first 1,000 edits (test phase) are always free. After that, the cost is $0.03 per photo, and from the 1,001st photo in a month, the cost drops to $0.02 per photo. For example, the editing of 500 images from a wedding would typically cost only $10. 

The training of the AI for a personal SmartPreset is always free, as are regular improvements made to the SmartPreset by the AI. Additionally, each user is provided with three free SmartPresets from Neurapix for direct use in the plugin. More SmartPresets from top-photographers can be found in the Neurapix Store. 

Neurapix has also announced plans to introduce a subscription model in combination with local editing of images on a photographer’s own PC. This will offer greater flexibility for photographers who shoot a large number of events and prefer to use their SmartPreset on a monthly flat rate. The existing pay-per-picture model (PPP), which involves editing in the cloud, will remain available. 

Data security via German servers 

Data security is a top priority for Neurapix. The photos that are transferred for AI training and editing are processed exclusively on the company’s own servers in Germany, allowing Neurapix to ensure the security of all customer data. All processes are fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

“At Neurapix, we aim to provide photographers with a tool that helps them with the time-consuming and often tedious task of post-processing events,” says Simon Diegmann, co-founder and CEO of Neurapix. “One of the main advantages of our SmartPresets is that they can edit images in a manner that is very similar to how the photographer would do it manually. We also prioritize security and offer competitive pricing to provide photographers with the best possible deal.” 

More information on image processing using artificial intelligence can be found on You can download high-resolution images here. 

About Neurapix: Neurapix is a German start-up based in Goettingen that was founded in 2021. The company has developed artificial intelligence that is able to learn a photographer’s image editing style and apply it within Adobe Lightroom. This allows photographers to have large numbers of photos edited in their style, resulting in significant time savings.