25. April 2023

Neurapix introduces real-time image editing, straightening and new “AI Flat Rate” for busy photographers

Copyright: Ross Helen

Neurapix introduces real-time image editing, straightening and new "AI Flat Rate" for busy photographers

Copyright: Ross Helen

Gottingen/GermanyApril 252023 | Photographers who have their images edited by an individually trained artificial intelligence (AI) from Neurapix will now receive results even faster. The new Neurapix Instant service works directly on the user’s PC, with the added bonus of a free image straightening function. The introduction of the new “AI Flat Rate” payment option allows photographers to save significantly on costs.

Times of waiting for the upload and download of numerous photos to be edited in the cloud are over. Photographers can now access their first edited images in real-time due to direct editing on their own computer, allowing them to start the final review immediately. 

Neurapix Instant elevates the editing experience to new heights, enhancing usability in addition to accelerating the process. With seamless integration into Adobe Lightroom Classic, the user’s workflow remains unchanged while benefiting from Neurapix Instant’s classic preset-like functionality, requiring only a few clicks (see video showing process). At the same time, it offers all the advantages of a SmartPreset like a consistent editing style even in varied lighting situations. 

Neurapix Instant offers automatic and complimentary straightening of all photos for its users, eliminating the need for manual alignment or adjustment of pictures. The new straightening function saves photographers even more time. 

Attractive new price option and even more data security 

Neurapix Instant introduces a new pricing model (as announced in January), allowing photographers to save on cloud-based storage and editing services by opting for the AI Flat Rate. It offers an annual deal for $49.95 per month or a monthly rate of $79.95, which can be cancelled at any time. This is particularly beneficial for busy photographers with numerous jobs and photos that need to be edited quickly. The “pay-per-picture” model, which involves processing images in the cloud, will still be available. 

With Neurapix Instant, the young start-up from Germany is further positioning itself as a pioneer in the field of data protection. Photographers need to upload images only for the AI training to create their individual SmartPreset, eliminating the need to share additional personal customer photos for editing. Neurapix ensures maximum data security by relying on its own Germany-based servers and strictly adhering to the GDPR.

Simon Diegmann, CEO of Neurapix, says: “Neurapix Instant revolutionizes image editing with artificial intelligence because it allows photographers to maintain their usual workflow using presets, but at the same time get the benefits of artificial intelligence: Sliders for image editing are set automatically and consistently. Our goal has always been to give photographers time to focus on their true passion. With Neurapix Instant, we have come a big step closer to achieving this goal – without compromising on quality.” 

Neurapix has just recently achieved a significant breakthrough by reducing the training time of its AI from two days to just over two hours. With an editing speed of up to 600 images per minute, photographers can now save approximately 90% of their editing time using Neurapix. Additionally, the start-up offers the first 1,000 cloud-based edits and also the first week of the new AI Flat Rate free of charge as a trial without any obligation. 

More information on image editing using Neurapix Instant can be found on www.neurapix.com/instant.