Make your preset smart and save 90% photo editing time.

As a professional photographer, you know how much time is wasted on image editing. With your Neurapix AI you now have more time to shoot! Fully integrated as a plug-in in Lightroom Classic.

Create your SmartPreset with just 20 images!

The Neurapix AI learns your typical image settings in Adobe Lightroom Classic and then edits hundreds of photos for you in seconds – in your individual style and with high quality results.

Kickstart – the fastest way to your SmartPreset
With only 20 edited images, you can create your own SmartPreset and start using it after just 10 minutes.

Regular AI training
Training your AI with 500 edited images makes your SmartPreset even better. It is ready after just 2 hours for server editing and after 2 days for local editing.

Create as many SmartPresets as you like and keep refining them – always free of charge!

Group 13

Simply integrate as a plug-in in Lightroom

Group 11

Edit up to 1000 images per minute*

*with Pay-per-Picture; Flat rate may be faster

Group 9ct

Affordable: pay only 3 ct. per picture*

*with Pay-per-Picture; Flat rate may be cheaper

Test AI photo editing online or with our Lightroom AI plug-in - free of charge!

Would you like to test Neurapix first? No problem, you have 2 options: Either you download the Neurapix plug-in and use our free trial period in Adobe Lightroom Classic. Or you edit a few test images directly here in your browser.

Try it now

Test Neurapix now directly in your browser and be inspired by our SmartPresets. You can view your images for up to 7 days.

Install plug-in

Create an account now and have 1,000 images edited free of charge. Then you can decide for yourself whether you want to continue and which price model you want to choose.

These benefits come with Neurapix!

From the very first image editing, you will find five free Neurapix SmartPresets in our Lightroom plugin. These include three high-quality color SmartPresets and two different black and white styles. Test Neurapix with it or simply use it permanently for your image editing!

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When editing your photos, you can decide whether you also want to have them cropped by Neurapix to save even more time. The AI is capable of learning your own style of cropping – a feature no other competitor offers. Image straightening is automatically included with cropping (also applicable separately). Trimming can be undone or adjusted manually at any time.

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When editing images with Neurapix, you can optionally select AI-based masks – at no extra cost! Adjustments such as brighter eyes or whiter teeth can be applied to your entire shoot with just two clicks. When editing, simply select from various Neurapix mask combinations directly below your SmartPresets or use your own Lightroom masks, which are automatically recognized!

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Are you proud of your Black and White style? Then create SmartPresets for it free of charge! If the classic SmartPreset creation (500+ images) includes at least 20 finished B/W photos, an additional B/W style is automatically created. If you only want to create the B/W SmartPreset, simply use the “Kickstart” option with just 20 sample edited images. To use, select your B/W look as normal in your SmartPreset list.

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Neurapix operates all its servers in Germany and can therefore guarantee the best possible data protection. Your sensitive customer data is safe with us.

Questions? Get in touch!

We will be happy to help you and answer your questions about our product and our price packages.

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You know your workflow best. We offer you 2 interesting price models to choose from.

With the Neurapix Flat rate, you can edit as many images as you want – without any limits. You also have access to the following features.

Flat rate

  • Edit without limit
  • Fast local editing
  • Straightening included
  • Cropping included
  • Maximum data security

Annual Flat rate (-37%)

Monthly Flat rate


2 months free with one-time payment

*per month; VAT excl.

Pay-per-picture offers you a lot of flexibility at a low price. You only pay for as much as you want to edit.


  • Only pay for what you use
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Fast server editing
  • up to 1000 images per minute

3 ct./photo*

+1 Ct/photo* for optional features

*VAT excl.

What photographers say about Neurapix

"Instead of one big job, I can now do two in one day."

Patrick Lipke

Event photographer from Hamburg

"The huge time saving is the biggest advantage for me."

Kathleen John

Wedding photographer from Munich

"My photo editing process runs on its own."

Lili Hofmann

Wedding photographer from Chemnitz

"Thanks to Neurapix, we have much more time for our family."

Martin and Manuela Allinger

Wedding photographers from Austria

"Thanks to Neurapix, I was able to double my revenue."

Anne Ehrler

Kindergarten photographer from Germany

"Since we have been editing with Neurapix, we have been able to photograph 32% more kindergartens"

Lars May

Kindergarten photographer from Germany

Getting started with Neurapix is easy.

In just a few steps, you’ll have your first images AI-edited or create your own SmartPreset. Benefit from the power and speed of our artificial intelligence.

Create account

Register for Neurapix. You don't need to enter any credit card details. And the best thing is: You'll get 1,000 edits for free!


Install plug-in

You can install the Neurapix plug-in free of charge directly from the Adobe Creative Cloud (recommended) or via our website. Make sure that Adobe Lightroom Classic (LrC) is installed on your computer. You will then find the installed plug-in under 'Library > Plug-in Extras'.


Test AI photo editing

You can now edit images. Either you use the SmartPresets supplied for free or you create your own SmartPreset. All you need to do is upload 20 edited images via the Neurapix plug-in. The AI learns your personal editing style and can immediately apply it to entire shoots.


Choose your plan

After you have used up your 1,000 free pictures, you will be automatically notified by us. Now you can decide whether you would prefer to use our Pay-per-Picture model or use the Neurapix Flat rate. Until this point, there are no costs at all!


Discover SmartPresets from other photographers

Would you like to use impressive image styles from other photographers to edit your own shoots? Then get inspired in our SmartPreset store and get started!

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