SmartPreset Store

Use a SmartPreset from our top-notch
photographers and edit your images as they would do it

Joyful by Vanessa Joy

Simple and clean with a pop of color and contrast.

Film Fine-art Wedding by C. Serrano

Kodak400 Film look – warm highlights – high contrast – dense bluish blacks

THO Smart by Markus Thoma

Moody tones meet
classic film look.

Contempo by Kaya & Clark


Kids & Family by Anne Ehrler


Forever and Always by S. Sawatzky

Aesthetic wedding look,
vivid skin tones, bright white

Family & Kita by Annika Wilzeck

Bright and contrasty image look for your outdoor shoots

Graciosa Sand by Valentin Geiß

Natural Film Look
warm, earthy, grainy

Forma by Formaphotography

Earthy, warm colors and
beautiful skin tones

Wedding by Daniel Kondratiuk

Bright and natural look
for your wedding pictures

Frank by Frank Metzemacher

Timeless look with warm
beautiful skin tones

Paris by Marc Schelwat

Modern look with natural,
warm skin tones

Concerts by Kay-Uwe Fischer

Kaboom look for concert images

KJ Wedding by Kathleen John

Bright images, neutral white balance,
and radiant skin tones

Chai by The Picks

Purist picture look with sandy warm tones

Real Life by Marian Kämpfe

Natural rich colors,
based on reality

Shooting by Daniel Kondratiuk

Bright and natural look for your
family and couple shoots

Portrait Outdoor by N. Zausinger

Natural warmth for
children and families

Arctic Vibe by Neurapix

Brilliant artic look with
a cooler temperature

Bright Sunshine by Neurapix

Summer feelings with pleasant
warmth and balanced colors

Cheerful Light by Neurapix

Harmonious look with balanced
exposure and white balance