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Are You Encountering These Common Challenges?

Are You Spending Hours or Even Days Editing Your Images?

The biggest part of your order is image editing, and it seems like you’re devoting a lot of time to it in Lightroom. Meanwhile, important tasks are piling up on your desk, leaving you unsure of where to begin.

Your images lack consistency in appearance once you finish editing them.

Although you’re putting in considerable time and effort into editing, you’re not content with the results. Your images lack a unifying concept and seem disconnected from one another.

You have no free time, and as a result, your loved ones are constantly without your presence.

You have a strong desire to not let down your clients, and delivering your galleries promptly is of utmost importance to you as your business takes precedence. Along with editing, you have a myriad of other tasks to tackle, leaving your loved ones without your presence, and causing you to feel guilty towards them.

You have attempted to delegate your editing to external sources, but it has consistently led to disappointment.

Editing images is a deeply personal matter, as it is what gives them a unique identity and style that represents you. It’s essential for you to be recognized for your distinctive editing style. However, due to time constraints, you outsourced the task to external editors with high expectations that the outcome would closely match your standard. Unfortunately, when you saw the results, it was a disappointing experience. As a result, you had to redo the editing yourself.

What Neurapix delivers

Craft your own SmartPreset for free

Refine and enhance your SmartPreset to take your editing to the next level.

Leverage our optimized servers to obtain quick and efficient outcomes.

You can now save money on your image editing costs.

Benefit from our exceptional reliability and legal assurance.

We’ll promptly assist you with any queries or issues you may have.

What others say

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Tobias Stehle

I got my first wedding back from you yesterday.
7 letters: P E R F E C T
I think you guys are saving my ass this year!
Sure you still have to correct one or two things, but I’m really amazed at how close you guys are to my edit.
I’ll definitely keep at it….

Nicole Lager

This is THE easing of work this year.
For many years I got bogged down with editing my pictures during the season, time for the family or even just for me – not even to think about it.
Now Neurapix takes a lot of the work off my hands and I can finally look forward to the summer again without thinking about how much time I will spend exclusively at the computer again this year.


When I heard about this, I couldn’t believe it at first. It was so easy to create my SmartPreset. Since then, I don’t use anything else to edit my images. It just saves me so much time and I go through the season much less stressed.


I have been using Neurapix since this season and I am simply flashed. Never before have I finished editing my images so quickly. So far, I’ve been able to turn in every gallery before the next shoot. My clients are overjoyed to get their images so quickly. And I have fewer clients to cancel for next year, so I’m really looking forward to that.

Martin Allinger

We have been working with Neurapix for almost 1.5 years. The Smart Presets are simply amazing and have more than HALVED our post-processing time! We are just MEGA happy and can only recommend them to every photographer. The time it saves us can be spent with our daughters and is INCREDIBLE!
The team is always ready to help and tirelessly advances the Smart Presets with further developments. ABSOLUTE RECOMMENDATION!

Discover how to train your SmartPreset and streamline your workflow through automation.

Upload images

Prepare a single event with consistent editing in your unique style and directly upload it from Lightroom.

The training of the AI

We’ll use your images to teach and refine your SmartPreset.


At any time you can provide corrections to our edits and thus keep teaching your SmartPreset


Enhance your SmartPreset by providing us with corrections to our edits, allowing for continual improvement.

Are you prepared for a personalized solution that provides more free time and increased revenue?

The advantages of using a SmartPreset

Your present circumstances

Envisioned Future Benefits

This is your workflow with Neurapix:

Import your images into Lightroom

Upload images to Neurapix

Download your AI edits

Optimize your images
(if necessary)

Hand over your
images in no time

Improve your SmartPreset


Transform your editing process with a customized SmartPreset.
Start training it today.

Unbeatably favorable

Our pricing model is unrivaled. We offer the best prices in the market with the best flexibility.
Choose between pay-per-use and a flat rate option to meet your needs best.


3 Cent* | 2 Cent/ image

first 1000 images | other images**

Straightening +1 Cent

*+any statutory sales tax
**monthly billing period

Annual Flat


monthly billed


*+any statutory sales tax and in Europe billed in €

Monthly Flat


monthly billed


*+any statutory sales tax and in Europe billed in €

Your Benefits

Happier Customers

Reduce your turnaround time by handing over the editing job right after the shoot.

Shorter turnaround time

Get all the necessary Lightroom sliders within minutes and expedite your editing process.


Synchronized images

The image adjustments have been completed, allowing you to concentrate on fine-tuning and perfecting your images.

Familiar Workflow

Apply your Smart Preset directly in Lightroom and take a coffee break while your edits are done automatically.

Total Control

Customize the slider settings to your preference and continue working on the RAW files in the usual manner.

Continual Improvement

Update and improve your SmartPreset’s intelligence with every shoot by feeding back your adjustments to the AI.

Our services offer unparalleled reliability and legal security to ensure your peace of mind.

GDPR compliant

Highly optimized servers

Fast support