Third party providers of SmartPresets

The SmartPresets offered in the Store section are not sold by Neurapix. Rather, they are offerings from independent third-party companies. Neurapix is not responsible for an investigation and evaluation of these offers and does not provide any warranty for the offers of third-party providers. In the corresponding section of the respective provider, the information about the offered SmartPreset as well as the person of the provider is deposited.

Neurapix only takes over the presentation of the third-party provider in the Smart Preset Store as well as the technical integration of the purchased SmartPreset into the processing plugin offered by Neurapix. In case of a click on the transaction button in the SmartPreset Store, the buyer is redirected to a transaction page provided by the third-party provider or a reseller cooperating with him.

The contractual partner of the Buyer is exclusively the Third-Party Provider or the Reseller used by the Third-Party Provider. Neurapix is not a contractual partner with regard to this purchase transaction. Requests for complaints can only be addressed to the Third Party Provider. The latter decide freely on the handling of such inquiries.