Chai by The Picks

Over the years, Matthias & Franzi have developed their own sense of naturalness and staging. In keeping with this, they would describe their image look as sandy-warm nuanced, high quality and balanced. Colour fastness is very important to both of them, even with a warm look. Whether indoors or outdoors, sunset or cloudy, in the sun or in the shade, The Picks’ SmartPreset always provides an aesthetic foundation.


More SmartPresets

Forma by Formaphotography

Earthy, warm colors and
beautiful skin tones

Paris by Marc Schelwat

Modern look with natural,
warm skin tones

Real Life by Marian Kämpfe

Natural rich colors,
based on reality

Kids & Family by Anne Ehrler


Portrait Outdoor by N. Zausinger

Natural warmth for
children and families